Tri-X Race Rules and Policies

The common rules

  • Swim suit or triathlon suit must be worn at all times during the swimming race, and swim within your lane.
  • Helmet must be worn at all times during the cycling race with chin strap buckled and before entering the race track and while on the bike and must not be removed until riders are out of the race zone.  Helmet should also be worn during warm up ride.
  • No drafting within 5 metres.
  • Time trial / triathlon bike / clip-on aerobars are allowed to use in the race.
  • Riders who are under 20 years of age, your parent or guardian will need to sign a letter of consent.
  • All riders will not apply to any claims against the organiser for any and all injuries suffered by rider as a result of taking part in the event.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Foul language or other unsportsmanlike conduct directed at race officials, polices, volunteers, spectators and other athletes is strictly forbidden.
  • Headphones, headsets, AirPods, MP3 players, cell phones are prohibited during the race with no exception.

Race number

  • Must be seen at the back while cycling and in the front while running, and should stay visible at all times.

Abandonment of equipment

  • No littering of any equipment or garbage on the course.


  • In case of an emergency or accident on the course, please ask another racer to inform the next marshal/volunteer who will call for assistance.  Additionally, if you happen to see another racer in an emergency situation, please inform the next marshal/volunteer who will call for assistance.


  • If you wish to give up your ride, please identify yourself to the nearest marshal/volunteer. As soon as the race management is being informed, a car will be sent to bring you and your bike back to the finish lines area.

Restricted area or racers only

  • Food and drinks – Medical tent


  • Riders must stay on the designed course for the race and must follow directions and instructions of all race officials as well as public authorities: marshals, police, medical team, and race crew.

Safety and traffic rules

  • It is very important to know that the entire road/race route will not be closed to vehicles! However, the road is secured with over 2 marshals and 10 local authorities officers particularly at critical intersections and danger zone.

    Furthermore, each race group is pacing by motorcycle and riders require to follow at some limited speed when entering the danger zone.  For safety purposes, motorcycles are positioned and surrounded in the front, in between, and en queue de peloton.  When a road is open to both traffic and the bike race, riders must stick to the left lane.  It is necessary to follow Thailand traffic regulations; this includes staying in the left lane at all times and no cutting in curves.

Water station

  • Water stations are located in the transition area and between the running race course.

Following riders by coach or service team on the race course

  • Following riders by your own arrangement of service car or any service vehicle is prohibited on the race course.  If such action is found, interfered or blocked other riders during the race, the rider of an associated vehicle will be disqualified and will be asked to leave the race immediately with no exception.
  • If any rider intentionally breaks the race rules and policies, you will be disqualified and will be asked to leave the race immediately with no exception.

Can you protest the race committee?

Any athlete has a right to protest the race committee if a cheated rider is found during the race.

Protest requirements:

  • Please inform the race committee, judges, marshals or race officials of your intention by 10.00 hrs. of the race day.
  • A person intending to protest should provide an adequate evidence of a cheated rider to the race committee, for example, a photograph, video clip that was taken by yourself or other athlete friends. Such relevant evidence captured by your own relatives, friends who are not in the race, team manager or any so-called “outsiders” shall not be excepted by the race committee.
  • An issue raised by the protester that is related to the race rules and policies is not accepted. Bike Zone Events shall not responsible to any protest issues raised by the protester after 10.00 hrs. of the race day.   If such issue appears on a social media, i.e., Facebook,,, Line, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or any medium known as “social media” creating a scandal and badly damage public image of our company, we reserve the right to take any necessary legal action against any parties to protect our rights.