Tri-X Songkhla Series

Triathlon is being recognised more and more these days, but the majority of races are Sprint and Olympic distances, which are for more experienced athletes. However, Tri-X offers an experience of competing triathlon with a minimal distance in a safe environment so that anyone can finish the race with joy. BZE organises Tri-X to encourage beginner and non-multisport athletes to enter triathlon. The swim discipline is done in a 50 m pool, which is safe for weak swimmers. The bike discipline is on small rural roads with very little traffic where running is held within the compound providing plenty of water stations.

Race information

Tri-X Series

It’s our fifth year of short distance triathlon race held by BZE. Our main objective is to help prepare each triathlete for a long distance triathlon competition. To measure your performance in all series, points will be given out to anyone who finishes it in time from each series, in which an announcement will be made in the last series for the winning prize. #MyPersonalBest


Race Distance

Swim 400 metres in a standard 50 m. pool
Bike 20 kilometres
Run 5 kilometres

Race Type

Male age group (Points can be collected from each series)
Below 18

Female age group (Points can be collected from each series)
Below 18

Relay team no age restriction (Points cannot be collected from each series)
Male group
Female group
Mixed group

Race Dates in Songkhla

Location:      Tinsulanonda Stadium
Race 1:         March 26, 2023  Registration closed
Race 2:        June 4, 2023 (Postponed from the 14th due to election day)
(Registration closed)
Race 3:        August 6, 2023 (Registration closed)

Race Schedule

06:30      Registration
07:00      Race briefing
07:30      1st swimming wave starts
09:45      Winner announcement (Lucky draw will be held on August 6, 2023)

Race Package

  1. Bib number
  2. Bib number sticker on helmet
  3. Tri-X Songkhla Series souvenir
  4. Bib belt

Race Awards

Winner rankings 1-3 for male and female all age groups
Winner rankings 1-3 for relay team

Competition Rules

tri-X Songkhla Series entry fees

Individual male and female 950 Baht per race*
Relay team 1,950 Baht per race*

Promotion within april 30, 2023

Individual 800 Baht and team 1,800 Baht*

*Payment is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable. Resell is also not permitted.